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Emergency Dentist Escondido

Blonde woman with jaw painIf you’re experiencing pain or injury in your teeth or gums, we recommend you be evaluated by a dentist as quickly as possible. It can be detrimental to your oral health to put off dental problems even if an injury isn’t causing you discomfort. By addressing your issue promptly, you can reverse the damage and put off requiring more costly and extensive treatment further down the road.

Dr. Malone is skilled in restoring the full function and look of your teeth and gums. Below, you can read about some of the most common dental emergencies, how we can help you and a range of self-care tips.

  • Broken Denture or Partial: Damage to a partial or full denture can be caused by an accident, but more likely is due to an ill fit of the appliance. We’ll evaluate your denture or partial and can reline them or make the appropriate repairs.
  • Broken Tooth or Filling: A broken tooth or filling can be caused by decay, which leaves the nerve in your tooth at risk. With nerve damage, a root canal may be necessary. We recommend that you contact us quickly if you experience this problem.
  • Crown (Cap) or Bridge Off or Loose: Permanent bridges and crowns alike can loosen or come off of the tooth. By contacting us right away, we can determine what treatment is required.
  • Sore or Swollen Gums: There are several causes of gums that are painful or inflamed. We’ll evaluate your oral health to determine which treatment is most appropriate.
  • Toothache: The cause of a toothache is usually decay, which should be treated early to avoid more invasive and costly treatment. If the tooth can’t be saved by one of our many solutions, it may need to be extracted.

Don’t Suffer

Contact us today to have your dental emergencies Escondido promptly addressed by our skilled and gentle team. We’re available to you 24 hours a day!

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