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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new patient. What do I need?
Because we want to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health, we provide a comprehensive new patient evaluation. We will assess the current state of your dental health and make recommendations for appropriate treatment. Read more>>

Can I afford my dental care?

It’s our mission to ensure that dental care is affordable to all of our patients. We accept insurance and offer an array of convenient payment options that best fit your budget. Read more>>

What can I expect during teeth cleaning?

Regular professional cleanings can help keep your pearly whites healthy and looking great. Our comprehensive cleanings are performed by one of our friendly and highly trained Registered Dental Hygienists. Read more>>

What should I do if I have a toothache?

Common symptoms of a toothache include throbbing or shooting pain, sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages and fever. A toothache can be caused by decay, infection or injury. We can get you out of pain and back to your day. Read more>>

What should I do if I have a broken tooth/filling?

A tooth can break due to a sports-related injury, biting on a sharp object or teeth grinding during sleep. It’s critical to have your tooth checked as soon as possible, so we have the best chance to preserve it. Read more>>

What do I do if my crown/bridge is loose or comes off?

In addition to calling our office first to determine the type of treatment that will be required to address your tooth, we offer some essential self-care tips to follow. Read more>>

How can I care for my sore gums?

If your gums are sore, swollen and red or bleed easily, you may have gum disease. Sore gums also can have other dental and non-dental causes. Home care is essential as is having your gums checked. Read more>>

I am nervous about going to the dentist. How will you put me at ease?

We understand that some people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist. At our practice, we provide comfortable and compassionate care to ensure that you have a fantastic experience at every visit. Read more>>

How can you help me improve my smile?

You may have heard that your smile is your best accessory. We happen to agree! That’s why we are pleased to offer patients an array of cosmetic dentistry options. Find out how we can help you achieve the stunning smile of your dreams. Read more>>

Do you offer dental implants?

Yes! If you’re missing one or more teeth and feel too self-conscious to smile as a result, natural-looking dental implants can give you a confidence-boosting smile. Read more>>

Can you straighten my teeth?

Yes, we can! We offer Invsialign®, which uses clear aligners versus metal wires and brackets used in traditional braces. A straight smile can help you feel great about yourself! Read more>>

My denture/partial broke. What should I do?

If you broke your denture or partial, or have discomfort if it’s ill-fitting, we encourage you to come into the office as soon as possible. Never attempt to repair your denture or partial at home. Read more>>

Want to Learn More?

If you have any other questions that weren’t addressed here, please contact our practice today. We look forward to caring for your smile!

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