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First Visits

Your Escondido New Patient Experience

Dr Malone consulting with patientWhen you make your first appointment with us, you’ll see for yourself why so many of our patients have been returning to Dr. Malone year after year. It’s not our desire to see you over and over to treat dental problems, but rather to heal your mouth and help you maintain optimal oral health that’s better than you’ve ever had in the past.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

All new patients should bring a copy of their current insurance card and a photo ID. We ask that you download our new patient paperwork and fill it out at your convenience, bringing the completed forms with you at the time of your appointment. If you do not have access to a printer, we can mail them to you in advance.

Your Initial Dental Exam

Plan to reserve about an hour for your new patient appointment. Once you arrive, we’ll go over your paperwork, and one of our dental assistants will complete a brief interview before taking any necessary X-rays. Then, Dr. Malone will step in to discuss your concerns and perform a comprehensive examination including an oral cancer screening.

Any visible issues will be captured digitally with our intraoral camera so that you can see and discuss the finding with Dr. Malone after your exam. Simple treatment needs can be planned out in our consultation room, but more extensive rehabilitation cases will need to come back for a separate consultation after Dr. Malone has had a chance to study your images and models more in-depth.

Utilizing Preventative Dentistry Techniques

Dr. Malone strives to incorporate a comprehensive approach to managing your dental health. An essential step in this process is identifying potential risk factors during your exam. As we discuss these markers, we can better plan for taking steps to minimize unnecessary treatments later on in your life.

We’re Your Smile’s Best Advocate

Educating you about your dental needs gives you the power to make informed decisions about the future of your smile. Our honesty with patients establishes a trust that many people lack in their dental providers.

Contact us today to schedule your first dental appointment. Same-day treatment is available!


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