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Natural Looking Porcelain Crowns
in Escondido

All porcelain crowns resemble your natural teeth. They are designed to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth giving you a natural, long-lasting beautiful smile.

All porcelain crowns are an excellent solution for improving upon unattractive natural teeth or to replace unnatural-looking traditional metal-based porcelain crowns, which have been used for a number of years. The new porcelain materials used in all porcelain crowns are stronger than traditional porcelain material and therefore, do not require metal backing for support.

In one case Dr. Malone replaced the upper metal-based porcelain crowns with all porcelain crowns. The results were stunning and look very natural. The patient subsequently replaced all the older lower crowns with all porcelain crowns.

The new upper crowns look very natural and the dark gum lines have been eliminated. The teeth are more proportionate in size and her smile is greatly improved.

A More Natural Alternative

The photos at right show a comparison of traditional metal-supported porcelain crowns and all porcelain crowns when a strong light is allowed to pass through.

The crowns on the top have a metal foundation underneath the layers of porcelain. The metal “framework” is used to strengthen the traditional type porcelain layers. The metal layer will not allow light to pass through it and, therefore, the crowns do not appear translucent (like a natural tooth).

The all porcelain crowns on the bottow allow light to pass through them like natural teeth and will appear more life-like.

Light shining behind older porcelain crowns

Traditional Metal/Porcelain Crowns

Light shining behind all porcelain crowns

All Porcelain Crowns

All Porcelain Crown Case - Before

Before (Crowns with Metal Edge)

All Porcelain Crown Case -  After

After (All Porcelain Crowns)

No More Dark Lines at the Gum Line!

The use of older technology, metal-based crowns, receding gums, and improper technique can lead to a dark line at the gum line area of teeth with crowns. The use of all porcelain crowns will prevent this from occurring in almost all cases. It should be noted that there are still circumstances in which metal supported crowns cannot be avoided. However, no metal is used at the edge of the crown.

Metal-based porcelain crowns (porcelain fused to metal) can be replaced with highly esthetic all porcelain crowns. Removing existing crowns is easily accomplished in just a minute or two. The teeth are then prepared to accept the new all porcelain crowns.

Complimentary Consultation

Call us at (760) 746-2559 for a consultation appointment. Dr. Malone will evaluate your mouth, learn what like and don’t like about your smile, and help determine a treatment plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.


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