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Laser Dentistry Escondido CA

Hand holding an illuminated laser used for laser dentistry at Robert J. Malone DDS in Escondido, CALasers are used in dentistry to accelerate processes, that would have otherwise taken longer with another appliance, and to give a degree of precision and delicateness that minimizes bleeding and pain.

While the idea of using a laser may worry some patients, lasers are administered with a great deal of care, and often can do less harm than a scalpel. One of the greatest advantages in using a laser is that you can set its intensity. This means that it could be set to cut through soft tissue, but not hard, or quicken the bleaching of teeth, in which the intensity is not high enough to damage the mouth at all.

Robert J. Malone DDS uses lasers to assist many of its surgeries, making the procedures quicker and less painful for the patient, and easier for us.

What Procedures Are Lasers Used In?

Lasers are never used to administer a whole procedure, but they can be particularly helpful in removing soft tissue, such as gum, and the setting of material within the mouth, such as the bleach in teeth whitening treatments.

The removal of soft tissue, via a laser, can be used during periodontal treatment, to minimize gum disease, when contouring the gums for teeth lengthening, and when removing gum that is obscuring a wisdom tooth. In each case, the laser can help us with our precision, as the laser is small and direct, which in turn reduces bleeding.

Lasers are also used in our cosmetic procedures, used to accelerate the bleaching process in teeth whitening, prepare a tooth before bonding is applied, and to remove veneers before placing new ones. In cosmetic treatments, the laser is there to quicken the process, and allow our patients to reduce the amount of time they have to take out of their busy schedules.

Happy, senior patient looking at himself in a mirror after laser dentistry procedure at Robert J. Malone DDS in Escondido, CA


Those who have anxiety over the use of drilling in dentistry can be reassured by the use of lasers, as it means drills can be used less. If a patient has a particular worry over a procedure, we can try and accommodate their fears as best we can, and use the most non-invasive methods available, which is often via lasers.

The amount of precision that a laser wields means there is less chance of making any incisions or cuts larger than they need to be. While the patient will not see any physical evidence of this, as the precision we have is already incredibly high, but it will lead to less pain and less recovery over time.

Patients can also experience less appointments and time spent with us. This means they can more easily schedule the procedures into their timetables, and gives them a greater degree of choice when booking it in.

Robert J. Malone DDS is fortunate to be able to offer the use of lasers for its procedures and surgeries. We pride ourselves in using the most non-invasive measures during our procedures, that promise the most efficient and effective treatment possible.

For more information on our use of lasers in dentistry, call us at (760) 546-5557.

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