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Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthIf you participate in contact sports, you may take precautions to safeguard your teeth and gums. In contact sports such as rugby, football, boxing, and basketball, facial hits are prevalent. We can supply you with custom-made mouthguards to prevent you from knocked out teeth and other oral injuries while on the field. This will be necessary to protect your dental health.

Why Should You Wear a Sports Guard

The purpose of a sports mouthguard is to act as a shock absorber in the mouth, cushioning the teeth from severe stress. If you are struck in the lower jaw, the mouth guard protects your skull and brain from injury. This is one of the main reasons why boxers use mouth guards. A well-designed mouth guard also protects and cushions the jaw joints against harm when the lower jaw is exposed to high stresses. In severe impacts, this may even reduce the risk of jaw fracture.

Well-fitting sports guards conform to the front teeth and gums, remaining firmly in place even while talking, breathing heavily, or engaging in activities that demand a lot of movement. There are several design options available, but the customized smooth upper mouth guard is the best solution for the vast majority of people. If you believe you need a different kind, please consult with our dentist or dental assistant.

Obtaining a Customized Sports Guard

A tailored mouthguard requires two sessions, each lasting around half an hour. The first session is critical because our dentist will take an imprint or mold of your mouth in order to create the guard. You will then have another appointment around a week later to pick up your mouthguard. You may also choose the color of your mouthguard.

Off-the-Shelf Guards vs. Custom-Made Guards

Most pharmacies offer low-cost mouth protectors. They are often unpleasant to wear and difficult to keep in place. This is your low-cost option. Our dental professionals provide professional mouth guards in two categories. You may choose between a standard custom guard and a personalized custom mouthguard. Customized guards allow you to choose the kind and pattern you desire, from any flag color to wacky hues. Because of this customization, it is difficult to mix up mouth guards in the locker room.

Mouth Guard Care and Maintenance

Your personalized mouth guard will be placed on a dental model and wrapped in a carrying case. Keep the guard on the model while not in use. Clean the model after each use and keep it in the carrying case to protect both the model and the guard.

Mouthguards for children should be replaced once a year as their mouth grows and changes. Adults should replace their mouthguards every three years or when they wear out.

Sports Guards in Escondido CA

Visit us at Robert J. Malone DDS to receive your custom fit sports mouth guard. You may also contact us by calling (760) 546-5557 to speak with one of our dental specialists and schedule an appointment.

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