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What Are Clear Aligners? Escondido, CA

Woman wearing clear aligner from Robert J. Malone DDS in Escondido, CAClear aligners are medical-grade mouthpieces designed to push on the teeth to move them into the proper position. As a discrete substitute for traditional metal braces, clear aligners are available. The transparent aligners used in Invisalign and other teeth-straightening procedures are appealing and pleasant. At Robert J. Malone DDS, Dr. Robert Malone recommends getting only the best when opting for aligners to straighten your teeth.

Can You Get Invisalign With Missing Teeth?

Your best option for straightening your teeth is Invisalign. But you might be asking if you can still get Invisalign if you have one or more missing teeth. Yes, it is the solution. After this procedure, it is a good idea to replace your lost tooth. To have Invisalign, you don't need to have all of your teeth. Even if you have one, two, or more missing teeth, Invisalign is frequently able to straighten your teeth. You may straighten your smile without braces as long as your mouth is in good health.

Both adults and teenagers looking for a virtually invisible way to straighten their teeth may find that Invisalign treatment is a safe and reliable option. Nearly all typical teeth-straightening and bite problems, from the most basic to the most complicated, may now be resolved thanks to our inventions and technical developments without interfering with your hectic schedule.

A consultation with a doctor who has received Invisalign training precedes the Invisalign treatment process. After assessing your smile, your Invisalign doctor will create a precise, personalized digital treatment plan that illustrates the gradual improvement of your smile.

Our clear aligners will be made as soon as you approve the plan. As instructed by your Invisalign dentist, you should wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day and switch to a new pair every one to two weeks. Each pair of aligners will gradually and gently move your teeth into position for your stunning new smile.

The Cost

The price of Invisalign treatment is typically comparable to the price of braces. Depending on how complicated your situation is and how many aligners you require, your doctor will estimate the cost of your treatment. You have several choices to reduce the cost of your Invisalign treatment, including using insurance, tax-free money, and a monthly payment schedule.

To produce the best clear aligner treatment instruments, Invisalign has invested millions of dollars and years of study. Clinical studies have shown that Invisalign therapy moves teeth more quickly and predictably than other clear aligner brands, thanks to its proprietary, exclusive technology.

While braces can be helpful in addressing many issues, in some circumstances, the all-encompassing pressure applied by Invisalign aligners may be even more beneficial. For instance, using Invisalign treatment to repair open bites could be more effective.

At Robert J. Malone DDS, Dr. Robert Malone will carry out a thorough dental exam before fitting your clear aligners. Call us at (760) 546-5557 to book a consultation.

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What are Clear Aligners? | Dentist Robert J. Malone DDS
Clear aligners are mouthpieces designed to push on the teeth to move them into the proper position. Dr. Robert Malone recommends only the best for his patients.
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