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Periodontal Evaluation in Escondido

Multi-generational family sitting on grassPeriodontal (gum) disease is a progressive dental disease that starts as a bacterial infection due to the accumulation of plaque bacteria along the gum line areas. Initially, the gum tissues become irritated and red. This process of inflammation is known as gingivitis.

Left untreated, this chronic inflammation process leads to a more serious gum infection known as periodontitis. The ultimate outcome of periodontal disease is the loss of teeth. This happens because the harmful bacteria invade the gum tissue on a daily basis and gradually destroy the jawbone that supports the roots of the teeth.

Periodontal disease affects 3 out of 4 people. We place a high emphasis on diagnosing and treating periodontal disease for the following reasons:

  • Over sixty percent of adults are affected by periodontal disease
  • Periodontal disease is progressive and destructive if left untreated
  • Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults
  • Periodontal disease is linked to diabetes, heart disease and stroke, osteoporosis, and pulmonary disease
  • Pregnant women with periodontal disease are more likely to have a baby that is born too soon or too small


Dr. Malone’s evaluation of periodontal disease includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of the gum tissue
  • Use of a periodontal measuring gauge to evaluate the health of the gum sulcus
  • X-ray evaluation of the supporting jawbones
  • Evaluation of the teeth for any looseness due to bone loss

Progression of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection. If left untreated, gum disease will progress until the teeth are lost and the supporting bone is permanently eroded away. This is entirely preventable. The earlier treatment is started, the less damage there will be to the supporting bone and gum tissue.

Are your gums healthy?

  • Healthy Gum Tissue
  • Firm, pink colored gum tissue
  • No bleeding when brushing & flossing

Stage 1: Gingivitis

  • Red gum tissue at the gum line area
  • Bleeding when brushing & flossing

Stage 2: Early Periodontitis

  • Red, swollen, bleeding beyond the gum line area
  • Beginning of tooth-supporting bone loss
  • Gum tissue peels away from the roots forming pockets
  • Chronic Bad Breath

Stage 3: Moderate to Advanced Periodontitis

  • Gums badly infected, swollen, bleeding with pus formation
  • Advancing bone loss with loose teeth
  • Gums are painful
  • Continuing bad breath

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