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Six Month Smiles® Escondido

Happy, smiling coupleRobert J Malone, DDS – the first in Escondido to offer Six Month Smiles!

In just a few months, you could have the straighter smile you’ve always dreamed of. With Six Month Smiles, you no longer have to expect to wear inconvenient metal braces for years. Many of our patients opt to get started at their routine cleaning, knowing that by the time they see Dr. Malone again in six months, their smile will be perfectly aligned!

Six Month Smiles involves tooth-colored brackets and white-coated wire for a discreet look. Applied only on the “smile teeth,” or the teeth that show when you talk or smile, it’s inconspicuous, simple and quick.

What to Expect

Six Month Smiles is appropriate for cosmetic corrections rather than comprehensive dental issues. Once we’ve determined you’re a candidate, we’ll apply the brackets with the unique Six Month Smiles system. Already positioned in a tray of flexible plastic, the brackets are applied several at a time, making it faster and easier to complete the application.

We’ll see you for monthly checkups to monitor your progress and make any needed adjustments.

Financial Information

The cost of Six Month Smiles varies by case, but rest assured that it’s one of the most cost-effective orthodontic options. It’s covered by insurance just as traditional braces would be. If you do not have coverage, we will be happy to discuss payment plans with you. Contact us today to arrange your appointment!


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