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Teeth Whitening in Escondido

Before and after teeth whiteningNow is a great time to look and feel better about YOU! Give yourself a whiter, brighter, and more confident smile!

Using quality products and proven techniques, we can help you “turn back the clock” to enhance an aging, dull, smile. In a very short time, you can have a more youthful, attractive smile. The process is easy and effective. Eliminate staining due to coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc. Make yellow teeth several shades lighter. We have a whitening system that is appropriate for you.

Want a Brighter Smile?

Call us for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Malone will evaluate your mouth and help determine if which treatment option is best for your lifestyle.

At-home Customized Teeth Whitening

These at-home systems are for those who prefer to whiten their smiles in the comfort of their own homes on their own schedule. Custom-fit appliances are made to insure the greatest effectiveness. We will monitor your progress and make suggestions so that you can get the best results.

NiteWhite ACP

Night White ACP combines fluoride, potassium fluoride, and ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to enhance the results of whitening. The unique formulation has been proven in clinical tests to rebuild enamel, reduce sensitivity, reduce fadeback, and add luster. It is formulated for individuals who want to enjoy the convenience of whitening at night while sleeping.

DayWhite ACP

DayWhite ACP only requires short daily wear. Although the time to whiten your teeth may take longer, it is ideal for those who do not want to wear overnight trays. Your custom-fit appliances only need to be worn for 30 minutes to one hour per day. Day White ACP also combines fluoride, potassium fluoride, and ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to rebuild enamel, reduce sensitivity, reduce fadeback, and add luster.

In Office Light Activated Speed Whitening with Zoom!

Zoom! whitening can give you the healthier, brighter smile you have been longing for in as little as an hour. This fast, safe, and effective system can whiten your teeth up to eight shades brighter during your lunch hour!

The secret to the speed and effectiveness of this innovative treatment is the specially designed activation light, which stimulates the gel to break up the stains in the tooth enamel, restoring the youthful whiteness of your smile. As an added bonus, you get home trays to touch up as needed to maintain the sparkle in your smile.

ZOOM! is the most widely used in-office whitening system.

Have you tried other whitening products and methods, but you cannot get your teeth their whitest? We offer the powerful KöR deep bleaching system; it is effective, even on stubborn stains and hard to whiten teeth, such as those discolored by medication. Rather than a single approach to whitening, the KöR system incorporates both in-office and at-home treatments.

The Secret of KöR Deep Bleaching™

The secret of KöR’s amazing results is in the exact fit and perfect seal of the custom-fit treatment trays, which are made at a KöR-authorized dental Laboratory. The trays keep the proprietary whitening formula condensed around the teeth effectively continuing to work for hours. The gel sinks deeper into the teeth, lifting out the deepest, most stubborn discolorations, whitening your teeth while you are asleep.

The treatment trays are designed to fit to your mouth perfectly with such precision and comfort that you don’t even sense them when you wear them. The precision fit and snug fit against the gums prevent the whitening gel from leaking out; this eliminates the gum irritation and bad taste in your mouth that some systems can cause. Unlike other whitening trays, the saliva cannot seep into the trays and weakening the whitening gel. The treatment trays are so comfortable that some patients forget to remove them in the mornings. Additionally, the trays are virtually invisible for an added bonus.

How the KöR Deep Bleaching Treatment Works

  1. Dr. Malone conducts a comprehensive examination of your mouth and teeth before you begin your treatment. He wants to answer the questions you may have and ensure that there are no dental issues requiring treatment before beginning the Deep Bleaching procedure.
  2. The next step is to be fitted for your customized trays. Very exact and detailed impressions are taken for the design of the trays. A precise technique and specifically formulated impression compound are used. A precision fit is crucial, because the bleaching gel has to be sealed around the teeth so that it will be absorbed by the enamel. The tight seal creates a barrier against saliva and sulcular fluids, preventing them from leaking into the trays and deactivating the gel.
  3. When the custom-made trays arrive from the dental laboratory, the initial in-office whitening treatment is done. The in-office treatment is simple and comfortable; an accelerated whitening gel is used to start the process of conditioning your teeth. Your own trays are used to apply the bleaching gel, which allows us to ensure a precision fit and confirm that they are functioning properly. The proprietary bleaching formula is applied twice and coupled with a solution to desensitize the teeth and act as a whitening conditioner.
  4. Following the in-office treatment, you will be given detailed instructions on how to use the gel and trays properly. You will wear your home Deep Bleaching treatment trays each night for from 10 to 14 days.
  5. Next is your final visit to the office for an accelerated treatment. After completing the home treatment portion of the plan, your teeth are fully conditioned and easily capable of absorbing the oxygen from the Deep Bleaching gel. During the final visit, a highly concentrated bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and it works for about an hour.

Because significant whitening has already been achieved, and the teeth are conditioned to allow the highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide to enter the teeth’s crystalline structure, truly remarkable results are achieved. The added acceleration of whiteness that occurs during the final visit results in a dazzling white smile.

Complimentary Consultation

Call us for a consultation appointment. Dr. Malone will evaluate your mouth, learn what like and don’t like about your smile, and help determine a treatment plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.


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