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Tooth Decay Risk Assessment in Escondido

Little girl hugging gray haired womanAlthough a visual dental examination and dental x-rays are indispensable and valuable diagnostic tools for uncovering tooth decay, they are only useful for uncovering existing dental problems. However, if the potential for future tooth decay could be assessed before you get cavities, and preventive measures were taken, then no treatment would be needed!

Biofilm Screening

Biofilm (plaque) screening is part of our dental disease risk assessment program. Biofilm or plaque is an organized bacterial film that forms daily and adheres to your teeth and gums. When left undisturbed or not completely removed daily, biofilm bacteria will ultimately lead to the development of tooth decay.

By assessing the numbers and activity level of harmful biofilm bacteria present in your mouth, we can establish a baseline and steps can be taken to eliminate the harmful effects of the destructive forms of biofilm bacteria.

Quick & Easy Meter Test

Dr. Malone uses a simple and painless test done using a specially designed meter. The meter measures the activity level of harmful decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. A swab sample is taken from the surfaces of your teeth and placed in a special chemical inside the meter.

Not only does this technology makes it possible to measure your risk for decay, it also helps measure your progress as you follow our recommendations and your personalized program for reducing or eliminating your risk for future tooth decay.

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